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Antena ISM


Antennas in this category are precisely tuned for ISM frequency bands used by certain technologies. We will explain what ISM stands for.

ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) bands are bands intended for radio broadcasting in various branches of industry, healthcare and others. Operation of such devices is regulated by general authorizations issued by the Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ). The most common uses of ISM bands are low-power, short-range transmissions designed for M2M or IoT (Internet of Things) communications. One of the most widespread IoT networks in the Czech Republic is Sigfox, which operates in the 868 MHz ISM band as well as the LoRa network (LoRAWAN).

Almost every modern device in smart homes uses WiFi 2.4GHz (or WiFi 5 GHz) technology, Bluetooth or wireless telephony. In the next few years, it is likely that WiFi 60 GHz (WiGig, known as IEEE 802.11ad) operating in the 60 GHz ISM band will gain popularity for extremely high throughput between devices. Examples may include ultra-HD transmissions, 4K video streaming and extremely fast wireless data transfer between devices. Speaking of households, we can’t forget other technologies like Zigbee in the 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM bands for remote control and communication between low-power and short-range devices.



Another sector is RFID and NFC. For example, every day we use wireless payment systems. The RFID or NFC chip is located in your credit card or in your tag, which is designed for attendance system, personnel identification. And this is just a handful of selected examples.

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