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Antenna LTE MIMO Screw Mount R39, 4 dBi, 2x SMA(m), 2x RG174/3m

Numer katalogowy : AO-ALTE-39DS /Producent: SECTRON

ao-alte-39s-lte-mimo-antenna ao-alte-39ds-mimo-antena-sectron-01 ao-alte-39s-lte-mimo-antennabottom2 ao-alte-39s-lte-mimo-antennakonektory ao-alte-39s-lte-mimo-antennabottom1

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Omnidirectional antenna for GSM/UMTS/LTE technologies

Omnidirectional antenna for GSM/UMTS/LTE technologies. The antenna operates in bands 700/800/900/1700/1800/2100/2500/2600/2700 MHz. It is suited for cellular routers, terminals and RF devices. The antenna is supplied with two 3 m cables with 2x SMA(m) connectors.

MIMO technology is a method of increasing the capacity of a radio link by using multiple transmitting and receiving antennas, which mainly use multipath propagation, thus achieving higher throughput and lower transmission error rate.

Cable specifications RG174/U

The cable labeled RG174 / U is a basic variant of a coaxial cable that is compatible with connectors applicable to a cable diameter of 2.8 mm. The characteristic impedance of the cable is 50 Ω. The reduction factor is fixed at 0.66. The operating temperature range is -20 to 80 °C.
It is most often used for creating cable adaptors with connectors such as BNC / FAKRA / FME / MCX / MMCX / N / SMA / SMB / SMP / TNC and others. It is ideal for short and bending stressed connections in measuring and telecommunications technology, for GPS / GSM / WLAN antennas, antenna leads etc.

Connector specifications SMA 

These are high-frequency connectors with screw connection mechanism. The characteristic impedance of the connector is 50 Ohm and the operating frequency range up to 18 GHz. There are two types of SMA connectors, namely SMA and RP-SMA. Most of the current cellular routers are equipped with SMA connectors for connecting Wi-Fi /2G/3G/LTE/GPS antennas terminated by proticates. It is also used as a standard connector in RF measuring technology.

Technical parameters can be found in the attached datasheet.


Impedancja: 50 Ohm Kabel: RG174/U
Złącze: SMA(m) Polaryzacja: Liniowa
Wykonanie: Zewnętrzny Temperatura pracy: -30 °C - +90 °C
Wymiary: 80 x 25 mm Kierunkowość: Dookólna
Technologia: GSM / LTE / UMTS Waga: 157.57 g
VSWR: < 3.0:1 Kąt nadawania: H 360° V 30°
Zysk: 4 dBi Sposób mocowania: Śrubowe

Hotline: 599 509 599

Handel zagraniczny: +420 556 621 020, sales@sectron.cz

Hotline: 599 509 599

Handel zagraniczny: +420 556 621 030, obchod@sectron.cz

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